Hindu Council UK celebrated Diwali at Guildhall London

It was our pleasure and honour to welcome Lord Mayor of London Mr William Russell and his wife lady Mayoress Mrs Hilary Russell at Diwali celebration in Guildhall London. Our thanks go to the City of London Corporation and   Remembrancer’s Office for providing this iconic historical building to be the venue tonight. This is our second time celebrating Diwali here and I hope we have more opportunities to do so.

Diwali celebrates the victory of light over darkness and yes, we have seen unprecedented time and darkness for more than a year now, but the light is overcoming that darkness. There is light ahead, and there is hope. We are now gradually emerging stronger from the impact of the pandemic, and I think we should also recognise the enormous contribution that our community made and still are making during this difficult time. We are proud to say that Hindu Council UK just like other organisations, has been playing an important role to help the community, liaising with national and local authorities, partnering with NHS for vaccine uptakes and health campaigns and working with our strategic partners.

We all have a common hope. Throughout 2021, despite our own fears, we have supported each other, encouraged each other, and stood with each other. We have drawn strength and inspiration from our medical professionals, front line care workers, community& faith leaders and so many more who have responded to the crisis with compassion and professionalism.

At the venue, we had the people who have made a huge contribution through their faith &community work, through their education & health care work and of course through their entrepreneurialism and business.  When we reflect on what we as British Hindus, British Indians have contributed over the years, we should be immensely proud of all our hard work. We celebrated that at our Diwali event

Shub Diwali

HCUK Board of Trust