HCUK calls for an immediate ban on the so called ‘Conversion Therapy’


The Hindu Council UK affirms that any practice that seeks to change, cure, cancel or suppress a person’s sexuality, gender identity (commonly known as “conversion therapy”) has no place in society, is unethical and harmful, and is not supported by evidence.  

In our belief, Brahma created both male and female as equals in the golden egg of the cosmic womb (Hiranyagarbha) at the beginning of Creation and in addition, the Rishis of the Rig Veda recognised the existence of a tertiary nature (Prakriti).  The Vedic Rishis also revealed the law of Karma which allow complete freedom, free choice, to live a life of dignity, in accordance with the ten principles of Dharma.

We, therefore, call on the government to ban the so-called “conversion therapy” as a degrading and harmful practice without delay.

Hindu Council UK

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