Supporting Nationwide Vaccination Programme

Hindu Council UK welcome and fully supports existing and proposed nationwide programmes initiated by the government. We believe this is the best option available at the present time to protect us from various forms of coronavirus
We urge all our affiliated organisations as well as individual members to actively involved in this vital campaign.  We are urging our members to offer premises (where practical) of our organisations to be used as local vaccination centres. It will enable our old and vulnerable people to be vaccinated.
We urge all members to dispel rumours that vaccination does contain any animal fat. We have been categorically assured by scientist as well as the government ministers that both vaccines do not contain animal products. So let we wholeheartedly involve in this vital campaign and look for a healthy, happy and Normal life.

Mr Umesh Sharma Co-Chair Hindu Council UK
Chairman, Board of Trustees of Hindu Temple Trust
First Trustee, Heathrow Multifaith Chaplaincy Association