Bollywood contempt of Hindu Dharma

The millennium 2000 brought a paradigm shift in Bollywood productions of music and film that began to undermine the Hindu Dharma in a subliminal way, and recent academic studies, eg., the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, have shown that the youth are not only influenced by Bollywood films but they believe them to be an authentic representation of culture and society.

These messages are predominantly anti-Hindu:

  • Hindu priests, rituals, gods are mocked in films
  • Casteism where high caste is set against the low caste
  • Hindu surnames are given to characters with low morals while Muslim surnames given to honest and pious characters – we believe this to be a growing trend over the last two decades of the Khan’s era – to the point now that it has become anti-national.
  • Other Muslim stars like Nassurdin Shah and the Lyricist Javed Akhtar – who we believe uses Islamic Taqyia to masquerade as an atheist against non-Muslims – have shown themselves to be anti-CAA, a law to protect the minorities of Hindus Sikhs Christians and Buddhists from the neighbouring Islamic countries where they are persecuted. None of the Muslim stars including the three Khans came out to defend the abrogation of the article 370 which was discriminatory to the Kashmiri Pandits, women and Dalits. Mahesh Bhatt who apparently converted to Islam has been seen inciting Muslims against the nation on YouTube. Its apt to note here that the Congress leader Kapil Sibal used similar words in the debate on CAA in parliament about fearless Muslims, no doubt inciting a community using his parliamentary privilege. Hindus should note also that none of these people came out in favour of Ram Mandir – we give them all the love and praise, but they cannot return the favour.
  • A journalist Vivek Agnihotri, observes that Christian girls are shown to be of lacking morals and that Homosexuals and Sikhs are shown to be a joke
  • Villains always wear the Hindu Tilak on their forehead

In music we hardly see any new songs that can be classified as ‘evergreen’.

Aamir Khan has even taken to the TV screen to show fault lines among Hindus yet never among Muslims in his SatyamaveJayate shows, not to speak of his anti-Hindu big screen productions as PK and the Hindu terrorists in Baazi with our god names of Raghu-Ram, Shiva, and Krishna.

Salman Khan in Big Boss last year tried to destroy the reputation of our main Hindu Bhajan singer Shri Anup Jalota. Govinda the actor explained on YouTube how he and his group destroy newcomers’ careers, after the Sushant Singh Rajput’s (SSR) death, which has wide opened this hornet’s nest.

Kangana Renaut a successful actor, after the SSR death, took on the ‘Bollywood mafia’, in her words, of drugs and nepotism where the second generations of the past great Bollywood directors and producers whom she respects, no longer care for the arts but only their control and power to the point if and when newcomers begin to rise they create schemes to drive them to mental illness and suicide.

Karan Johar the second generation of the great Yash Johar family said in an interview here at the London School of Economics in 2015 that people can leave Bollywood if they have a problem with us…” This arrogant attitude stifles the arts development as it blocks newcomers to rise above the glass ceiling which they cannot surpass.

Kangana has shown how the nexus of Bollywood, media and politicians works and now we saw its proof, when ShivSena’s second generation leader with his power over the municipal authority razed her house today which then the High Court had to intervene to issue an order to stop further damage.

The effects on society is resulting in our Hindu Sadhus being killed during the last few months while the police watch over their beatings by youths as in Palghar Maharashtra and indeed in Tamil Nadu a Christian police officer beat a Sadhu so badly he soon after died.

Bollywood has a moral duty to spread goodness and the high ideals of truth and dharma in society. Sadly, the veterans of Bollywood have chosen to remain silent in the current upheaval started by Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. But the central Government ought to look at helping the industry to establish self-regulatory mechanisms to avoid stifling the art and artists development, by removing financial and other bottlenecks for them – they could establish a Quango funded by the taxes to promote free arts and artists. India has the resources now but lacks some institutions – Government agencies – for checks and balances and promote its culture and art.

We are grateful to Kangana Renaut for exposing all of the above and from Hindu Council UK representing the British Hindus and their temples and cultural organisations we support her implicitly in her endeavors to bring Truth and Dharma to her industry. The paradigm shift we noticed around the start of the millennium when Sonia Gandhi a committed Catholic came to power and started imprisoning our Sadhus and even a Shakracharya and lathi-charging Baba Ramdev in Delhi but now we cannot take the killings of Sadhus lying down, it is an attack on our Dharma and the British Hindus – from India, Nepal, Africa, Caribbean, Srilanka and other nations – will be with you all the way.


Anil Bhanot OBE
Director Hindu Council UK

9 September, 2020