Advice from Public Health England for the Krishna Janmashtami festival

Travelling to the temple

There are no issues with travelling to temples but the advice for those living in Leicester is not to travel long distances if possible. Before travelling please check whether any local restrictions are in place; there will be further information on any restrictions and how to follow them on GOV.UK and from your local authority.

Queueing to enter the temple

Social distancing guidelines should be respected. That means keeping 2 metres away where possible from anybody who is not a member of your household. Where this is not possible, you can stay 1 metre apart as long as other mitigations are in place.

Inside the temple

Visitors should stay for the minimum possible time to allow for safe ingress and egress as per existing guidance. The longer you spend indoors with other people, the higher the risks of transmission of the virus.


Contactless or online donations are the safest and is preferable. However, where this is not possible, a collection bucket should be used for people to place their donations to avoid too many people handling cash. Only one person should handle the bucket and they should wear single use disposable gloves to do so.


PHE advise that fruit should not be offered as part of Prashad. Wrapped boiled sweets are a sensible option.

Swinging of baby Krishna’s cradle

This should be done by as few people as possible. However, those who take part should wear single use gloves and there needs to be system in place for them to be binned and disposed of. Further guidance is provided.