Standing in Solidarity against Terrorism

Last week’s attacks on mosques in New Zealand killed 50 people and wounded a further 50 people. The attack was a sickening act of terrorism.   An attack on anyone at worship is an attack on all peoples of faith as they go about their lawful, peaceful business. There was urgent need for government and leaders of all faiths to show unity and condemn this attack of terrorism.

The Islamic Cultural Centre and The London Central Mosque organised and hosted a major event to stand in solidarity against the terror attacks which took place in New Zealand and to pray for the victims of the horrific attack.

Dr Ahmad Al Dubayan – Director General of The Islamic Cultural Centre, Rt Hon Sajid Javid – Home Secretary Rt Hon James Brokenshire- MHCLG Secretary of State Sadiq Khan – Mayor of London The Archbishop of Canterbury The Chief Rabbi and Imam Mahmoud were present and speakers at the event

Mr Umesh Chander Sharma Co- Chair of Hindu Council UK and Mr Rajnish Kashyap General Secretary were invited to represent Hindu faith.

Dr Dubayan spoke about the importance of strengthening morals, values and building on the participants, and the Centre’s activity in rejecting hatred, rejecting extremism and standing against the phenomenon of Islamophobia, and working hard to create a future for all.

The Mayor of London emphasized this diversity and welcomed all communities, religions and groups in Britain who contribute to community building.

The leaders of the different faiths also spoke and expressed their support for the Muslims.

The Archbishop of Canterbury said we are with you, we will work with the Bishops to see how we can be more effective in visible signs of togetherness.

The Chief Rabbi reassured by saying that Let us unite in broken hearted Muslims in New Zealand, in the UK and around the world. Let us unite even if our holy texts may be different

Mr Umesh Sharma conveyed that he is deeply saddened by this appalling attack which took place last Friday in New Zealand and assured people of New Zealand and Muslim community that we stand in solidarity with them.

Rajnish Kashyap MCICM
General Secretary/Trustee  Hindu Council UK ( )