“HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY OF INDIA” – From the Co-Chairs, Directors, Trustees and Executive Members of the Hindu Council UK

“Remembering the fallen heroes who have given their lives to protect our great Nation – BHARAT (INDIA)”

As India celebrates its Republic Day, let us remember the freedom fighters who made this day possible, but lost their lives in the process, We dedicate this day to the Indian freedom fighters.

This day belongs to the heroic sons and daughters of our soil. It is the great day of our heroes whose valor and selfless sacrifice which are deeply entrenched in the existence of India.

Our noble men and women are remembered on this day for their legendary heroism and their utmost faith in the value of freedom and liberation, and for this they shall remain forever in our hearts . Our heroes fought and sacrificed their lives to make both truth and justice triumph. By their noble deeds, they enriched the meaning of the word sacrifice, giving that word a new connotation.

This short video captures everything about our great heroes who are protecting our great Nation today:


Sanjay Jagatia
Director Secretary General
Hindu Council UK