The Hindu Council UK is proud to support and be involved in the Inter-Faith Week 2017

Inter Faith Week is an incredibly important time in the year for inter faith learning, interaction, cooperation and celebration. It allows communities to highlight the achievements of local inter faith and faith based groups, and strengthen good inter faith relations at all levels.

Having a week that is dedicated to inter faith activity helps inter faith initiatives to reach a wider audience, so that more people are made aware of the importance of this vital work, and are able to participate in it.

This year, Inter Faith Week will take place from Sunday 12th to Sunday 19th November 2017.

Anyone can take part in the Week and hold events themselves.

The Inter Faith Week website: has all the information you need, as well as ideas and inspiration for how you can get involved.

Hindu Council UK – Why good Interfaith relations are essential:

~ Sneha Roy (Youth Representative of the Hindu Council UK) said: “Going by the media discourse and some snippets of sporadic personal experiences, it is all but self-evident that communal differences and tensions pertaining to the same continue to wield a complex mosaic that no less than a threat to national unity. While the debates surrounding the reasons for communal disputes are never-ending yet arcane, it is safe to suggest that a series of factors and institutions – including both the State and the civil society – are accountable for the social discontent. With the rise of vote-bank politics, domination of political agendas, and religious violence, interreligious interactions at the community level are arguably receiving a setback, further clearing the way for stereotypes and prejudices to thrive.

If the civil society, comprising of people that are influential, inspiring, and care for a better tomorrow, takes the initiative to contest the growing intolerance and the rising tirade of hate-speeches, aims to develop a counter-narrative to educate those that they label as ‘others’, and strategises ways to engage constructively with people irrespective of their cultural or faith backgrounds, then we will certainly witness nation-building of a refined, inclusive kind. As obvious as this agenda might sound at the outset, it has barely even begun in the civil mainstream”.


Sanjay Jagatia
Director/Secretary General
Hindu Council UK