Hindu Council UK Statement on the Terrorist attack in London

– Umesh C Sharma & Satya Minhas: Co-Chairs of Hindu Council UK on behalf of the Trustees, Directors and Executive Members.

The Hindu Council UK is saddened, appalled and angered by the wicked and evil terrorist attacks on London Bridge and Boroughs Market. Our Thoughts, Prayers and Condolences are with those innocent people who have been killed and injured in this mindless attack.

Once again we commend and pay tribute to our Police and Emergency Services who saved so many lives and continue to work hard to keep us safe. We owe them a deep debt of gratitude.

The fact that this terrorist attack was carried out during the month of Ramadan, when Muslims pray and fast, just illustrates again that these people are not real Muslims, but are cowards who neither respect religion or life. Nobody from any Faith cruelly takes human lives to fulfil a religious need – This is an excuse to kill in the name of religion.

We stand in solidarity with all the Faiths in the UK in condemning this atrocity. It is a difficult world we live in today.


Sanjay Jagatia
Director/Secretary General
Hindu Council UK