Hindu Council UK (HCUK) – Voter Registration initiative for the UK General Elections 2017

The deadline for voter registration for the 2017 General Election is 22nd May 2017

As we head towards the ‘snap election’ in the UK taking place on Thursday 8th June 2017, The Hindu Council UK (HCUK) along with other Faith Organisations is concerned about the number of people who are not currently on the electoral register. Research has shown that some Faith Communities across the UK are particularly under represented on the voter register.

Faith Communities have a great opportunity to effectively engage in British politics in order to demand that Political Parties draw up policy plans to tackle issues that affect us. The right to vote has been hard-won, and it is the duty of everyone in public life, to make sure everyone who is eligible to vote is able to vote. Remember – by being registered means that Politicians will listen to you as they know you have the power to decide who wins and who loses in the forthcoming the General Election.

The Hindu Council UK has joined an initiative by Faith Organisations across the UK to encourage people from faith communities to take part in this election.

On Monday 15th May there will be a day-long ‘Tweet Storm’ where faith leaders, organisations and individuals will be tweeting out to encourage voter registration.

We at the Hindu Council UK want you to get behind the drive to show that people from the Hindu faith want to help shape the direction of the country. On Monday 15 May, join us and other faith communities across the country in a drive to get more people of faith registered to vote. Using the hashtag: #MyfaithMyvote tweet out your support for this initiative. This can be a simple tweet, or perhaps a picture with the words I’m voting; reasons why our faith has an obligation/duty/expectation to vote; a simple message of support; a photo of a person holding a sign encouraging people to vote or showing that they are voting; or a short video clip of someone saying they have registered/they are voting/why you it is important to vote. Content might also include the link to the voter registration page:

Some ideas for signs people could hold in photos might be: I’m voting because…; My Faith My Vote; Faith in Democracy; I’ve registered – have you? Etc, etc….

Some ideas for short video (30 seconds MAX) might be – I’m voting because…; in my faith it’s important to vote because…; I’ve just registered and it was really easy….

PLESE NOTE: “No partisan activity will be part of this exercise and please do not include any party political messaging”

And……… Remember to use the hashtag: #MyfaithMyvote

* Throughout Monday 15th May 2017, the Hindu Council UK will be tweeting messages from various Hindu Leaders, Organisations and Individuals supporting the initiative to get people registered to vote *

Short video explaining why you should Register to Vote:

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Miss Muna Chauhan
Assistant Secretary-General
Hindu Council UK