Hindu Council UK’s Director-Krishna Bhan’s visits Jagti Township in Jammu

In 2012 the Jammu & Kashmir Government has relocated the exiled Kashmiri Pandit community from the Jammu refugee camps in to the two room apartments in small townships, at the same sites as the original camps were based. In 1990 the biggest ever exodus of people happened in India. The minority Hindus of Kashmir, Kashmiri Pandits, fled the valley, leaving behind their homes and homeland to save themselves from persecution at the behest of Islamic extremists & terrorists. Over 70,000 Kashmiri Hindu families were made homeless and they became the victims of genocide and ethnic cleansing . They were made refugees in their own country and lived in camps as refugees in Jammu till 2012 when the J&K Govt under the Prime-Minister’s package allotted the two-room flats to the migrants living in these camps. These apartments in small townships still lack the basic amenities, such as running water, frequent power cuts, lack of proper health care facilities and poor educational provision.

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I recently visited Jagti Township and interacted with some local residents in the apartments. Some of the Kashmiri Pandit community organizations and Kashmiri Pandit leaders have assisted in setting up a gym for the dysfunctional youth in the Jagti Township . I had the privilege of visiting the Gym with Mr Moti Kaul, Vice President of Jammu&Kashmir BJP. Initially, Mr Kaul has been responsible in getting the gym up and running with his personal donations as he was keen to make sure that the young children and the youth of this area had some facilities to engage themselves with leisure and physical activities. The Gym is run by a committed number of young people on a voluntary basis. It has some basic machines and equipment, but needs structural repair and a lot of building work to make it up to a decent standard gym. It also needs the refurbishment of the main gym and also some new furniture. A few additional items of equipment will help to offer a variety of activities and programme to draw and engage more young people to spend their spare time in carrying out leisure activities.

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The Jagti Township has a government run Primary school, receiving some financial assistance from the US Kashmiri Community Organization (KOA) for the repairs of the school building. The issues of proper educational provision for the township children still remain a cause for concern.

I also met a group of women from the Township who feel they could use their time productively in setting up privately owned small business enterprises in their own homes to supplement their meagre earnings. Any financial help from the community organisations will certainly help to empower them to become financially independently.

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IEKF, supported by HCUK is planning to initiate a couple of projects to assist and support the youth and the young people in Jammu who have spent many years in refugees camps and now live in two bed room apartments, still in pathetic conditions. On behalf of IEKF, I make a plea to our many community organizations and individuals to help and support us with donations and financial assistance to help these less fortunate young people to achieve their potential through education and sports. Any donation, small or big, from yourselves will make a huge difference to the lives of these young people.

Please do let me know if you are able to help so that I can provide you with the details of how your money will be used and monitored .

Many thanks and much appreciation .
Look forward to hearing from you promptly.


Krishna Bhan
Director of Hindu Council UK & President of Indo-European Kashmir Forum (UK)
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