Hindu Council UK’s Director Rajnish Kashyap takes part in an event at Heytrop College, University of London

“Catalyst” is a young adult’s leadership and skill programme where delegates take part in round robin sessions. Rajnish Kashyap has been part of these conversations to help Young people from a variety of backgrounds to have a better understanding of the Hindu faith.


Rajnish Kashyap said “my interactions with the young student showed that participants value having small group discussions because it allows them to have first-hand interactions and enables them to ask a variety of questions, covering many subject areas. It was an absorbing time with very inquisitive young participants”.

The group asked various questions ranging from:

* what are the origins of Hinduism,
* why Hindus have so many Gods,
* what is the law of Karma,
* Hindu beliefs about reincarnation.

These types of events provide an excellent opportunity particularly for minority faiths, such as the Hindu faith in British society, to have an opportunity to provide their perspectives. Hindus, the third largest practicing Faith in the UK with over one million adherents, including thousands of others who drive inspiration from Hindu spirituality and practice Hindu teaching such as yoga and meditation. With growing numbers comes an increasing awareness of a place in British dialogue and the need for a better understanding of Hinduism which is in line with its teachings and practices.


It is said that Hinduism is not static; it doesn’t have just one set of scriptures, rules etc. It is ever evolving, expanding, even correcting and adapting through the ages. Through these types of events, today’s youth in the UK are exploring the beauty of Hinduism.


Rajnish Kashyap MICM
Director of Hindu Council UK