Hindu Council UK’s Youth Representative Member – Suraj Samant on the BBC One’s Big Question Show

Well Done to Suraj Samant (Hindu Council UK’s Representative Member responsible for youth development).

Suraj appeared on BBC One’s Big Question Show on Sunday morning and said: ‘Britain is no longer the global player in the world that it once was. We should not cease trade with our ally Israel. No one has questioned our trading of weapons with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Pakistan’.

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Over the last couple of years – Suraj has actively worked on behalf of Hindu Council UK, to increase the quality, quantity and diversity of opportunities for young people as leaders of change in the community and help young people fulfil their roles in an increasingly complex world. Suraj combines creativity and entrepreneurship to tackle major social needs. He works on many different levels to achieve positive social change – including advocacy, research, and policy influence and has represented the organisation not only in Interfaith forums in the UK but also across the world.

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The Hindu Council UK continues to bring young Hindus to the forefront in order to create our future leaders and help them enliven their imaginations and boost their skills and confidence, and inspire them to continue their journey throughout their lives. Hindu Council UK strongly believe that if we invest in young Hindus as leaders, those young people will invest in other young people in order to develop their knowledge, skills, qualities, values and experience that will enable them to effect positive change whether it is at the level of their family, among their peers, in the community or the wider society.

Young people today need to see leaders who truly act as role models – we are sure that Suraj Samant is one such person !!!

We look forward to supporting Suraj in his ambition to hopefully one day become our next high profile Hindu MP in the UK.


Sanjay Jagatia
Director/ Secretary General
Hindu Council UK