Press Conference and Formal Launch World Record attempt by the first British Indian Woman to drive Solo from the UK to India through 32 countries with the Arctic Circle challenge

Reporters from media (print and Electronics) are invited to a Press conference and formal project launch by myself Mrs Bharulata Kamble, a British Indian woman, who will be announcing the launch of her attempt to create a world record by becoming a first woman to accomplish this huge challenge. We hereby formally invite all journalists and members of the press to this conference.

Kindly note below the full details of the event –

28th June, 2016

2.30pm to 4.30pm at

The Nehru Centre, 8 South Audley Street, London, W1K 1AF, Tel: 0207 491 3567.

I, Bharulata Kamble will be driving solo from UK to India and will be the first woman in the world to drive solo through the Arctic Circle and Trans-continental journey combined. This journey will commence on 30th July 2016 and will take approximately 75 days to complete, comprise of driving over 2,200 kilometers in the Arctic Circle (longest ever distance driven solo in the Arctic Circle), driving through 2 continents, 32 countries, covering the distance of over 32,000 kilometers, which would end in October 2016. The journey will entail driving through 9 time zones, 3 deserts and 9 mountain ranges. This would be the longest car journey done by a woman solo in shortest time involving the greatest number of countries and encountering most diverse driving conditions, time zones, language, and cultures. The record will be observed and recorded in the Guinness World Records.

I will start her journey from Luton, in the United Kingdom. I will head towards the Arctic Circle via multiple European countries and cities, driving an average of 700 kilometers per day. From Rovaniemi in the Arctic Circle I will drive to Nordkapp, the northernmost point of Europe. From Nordkapp I will be driving to various Arctic Circle prominent monuments in Norway, Sweden and Finland before heading for rest of her journey to India. I will be driving over 2200 kilometers in the Arctic Circle. From the Arctic Circle I will head toward India via multiple Eastern European Countries, Central Asia, East Asia and South East Asia. Throughout I would not be using any other mode of transport for myself and for my vehicle at any point of journey, except between UK and France, when I would use channel tunnel.

As a British Asian of Indian heritage, I am passionate about promoting both the UK and India. I am particularly keen to celebrate the unique and special relationship that has been fostered between the UK and India over the generations. Both the UK and India have rich and world renowned cultures and share much in common. I hope this will generate great interest from many sections of society and achieve the objective of celebrating the UK and India; the special ties between these nations and promoting the two countries worldwide through every country reached during the record attempt.

Through this challenge I will be spreading the message of “Save girls, educate girls” and promoting woman empowerment, which greatly affects the society, particularly in India. I hope her driving challenge would contribute significantly in the movement of “Save Girls, Educate Girls”. Any funds raised through the ‘world record attempt’ will be used to support two of her chosen cancer charities in UK, bring beneficial changes to ‘save the girl, educate the girl campaign, tribal girl’s education and to the provision of medical care to the poor and underprivileged in rural India.

This drive is an enormous undertaking and contagious thirst for discovery of the grandness of all that is possible in the world, so that other humans are inspired to discover and fulfil their utmost potentials. It is showing the power of an individual, and what we are all proficient of doing, if we follow our heart through our action. This is an effort to highlight the strong people-to- people links between our two nations. I hope the next generation of the people of India and UK, will be inspired by this effort.

We look forward to meeting you or representative on 28th June 2016 and providing details of our forthcoming expedition.

Yours Faithfully

Mrs Bharulata Kamble

Click here to download the Press Conference and Formal Launch