Hindu Rights Leader is on forth day Hunger Strike in Malaysia

Hindu Rights Leader is on forth day Hunger Strike in Malaysia

Hindu Rights Leader is on forth day Hunger Strike in MalaysiaHindraf Chairman-Mr Waythamoorthy is on Hunger Viratham since the auspicious day of Shivratri (10/03/2013). Since his return to Malaysia in August 2012, he had several meetings with the opposition leader Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his team in order to get his Blue Print demand endorsed to uplift the poor Indian Community who has been marginalised since 1957.

In 2012, during his exile in UK, Mr Waythamoorthy along with other Malaysian Indians filed a civil action against the British Government at the Royal Court of Justice London for the Malaysian Government’s failure to safeguard the Indian Rights embodied in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

Hindu Rights Leader is on forth day Hunger Strike in MalaysiaDuring the British Rule of Malaya, the British Rulers brought Indians mainly from South India and other parts of India to work as indenture labourers. These Indians were promised that they will be given land of five to ten acres if they worked and stayed in Malaya. However, these indenture labourers brought from India were not given their rightful entitlements by the British Rulers and the Malaysian Government who were the Trustees undertaken from the British before the independence in 1957.

It also came to our attention recently that the Hindraf leaders learnt that, the Malaysia’s Constitution was doctored. During a recent interview with HHR (Hindu Human Rights), Ano Rao was asked what needs to be done in order to put things right for everyone in Malaysia? Ano Rao said “In my opinion, Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II who is the Head of Commonwealth should revisit the Malaysia’s Constitution and rectify the doctored constitution so that each and every Malaysian citizen will enjoy the equal Constitutional rights in Malaysia”

Hindu Rights Leader is on forth day Hunger Strike in MalaysiaMr Waythamoorthy has also gathered all the evidence to prove that the Constitution was doctored for the forthcoming case at the Royal Court of Justice in London against the British Government for their neglect on poor Malaysian Indians. This vital documents/evidence was found by Hindraf Chair/ Legal Team in the London archives. The team also submitted a variety of memorandums to the British Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street in respect of Malaysian Indians’ violations. Further to this, Mr Waythamoorthy and the British Human Rights NGOS had many briefings at the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The Hindraf Supremo worked tirelessly highlighting this issue at the United Nations in order for his people to get their basic and Constitutional rights.

Hindu Rights Leader is on forth day Hunger Strike in MalaysiaFurthermore the Hindraf Chair Mr Waythamoorthy also requested a few Parliamentary seats for Hindraf for the upcoming G13 in 2013 to represent these marginalised Indians. He also requested the ruling UMNO Government and opposition leader to create a Ministry for Ethnic Minorities to resolve the Ethnic Minorities issues. However, the ruling Government and the Opposition leaders (PAKATAN, PAS and DAP) were not in favour of Hindraf Chair’s proposal. Mr Waythamoorthy’s ongoing Hunger Viratham has now been highlighted across the world and the International communities.

Hindu Council UK urges the ruling UMNO Government and the Opposition Leaders to solve the ethnic Indians’ violations in order to end the Hindu Rights Leader’s Hunger Strike with immediate effect.



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Ano Rao. LL.B (Honours)
Executive Member
Hindu Council UK (HCUK)

Ano Rao is an Executive Member of Hindu Council UK and has participated along with Mr Waythamoorthy (Hindraf Chairman) and Hindu Human Rights UK organisation Leaders for many demonstrations in respect of violations against Malaysian Indians.