Swami Ramdevji’s demands for Bhrashtachar Mitao Satyagraha

Bhrashtachar Mitao Satyagraha is all set to start from 4th June 2011 which will be the biggest satyagraha/movement against the biggest loot on this entire planet.

The demands of Swami Ramdevji are as follows:

1. Declare accounts of Indians in tax havens as national property – GOI must declare all tax haven accounts of Indian corrupts to be national property through an ordinance and later with enactment of a bill. This is a very easy step to execute and does not conflict with any foreign policy, treaty or agreement.

2. Declare stashing away black money in tax havens as national crime – GOI must declare the act of stashing away of black money in swiss banks as a ‘Rajdroh’ or national crime because it has led to disasters in our country. 883 people die every HOUR just because of malnutrition and hunger whereas corrupt people out there are carrying out scams worth lakhs of crores which could be used for the development of our nation. Such big scams are only because stashing away of money in swiss banks is very easy for the corrupt.

3. Lifetime imprisonment for the corrupt – GOI must pass a law to enforce lifetime imprisonment on people who are found to be guilty of corrupt practices. The only reason that corruption is so widespread today is that there is no punishment for the corrupt and they enjoy luxurious freedom in spite of putting the nation at stake.

4. Enactment of a strong Lokpal – The government must now enact a strong Lokpal which can control corruption in the country. Corruption is now a cancer for us and Lokpal is a great weapon against it. India Against Corruption is heading this movement and we give full support to them.

5. Setting up of fast track courts in all states to deal specially with corruption issues – The government needs to setup fast track courts in all the states so that punishing the corrupt becomes easy. Crores of cases are pending in courts at the moment which would take years to clear up. We need faster execution and stronger laws to deal with this cancer.

6. Removal of high denomination currency notes from the economy – Government should immediately recall high denomination notes from the economy to prevent internal black money formation. Today we have 100 lakh crores of black money circulating inside our economy and that’s because Rs. 1000, Rs.500 notes make it easier for corrupt people to transport, carry and store large sums of money for purpose of illegal and corrupt dealings. These notes should be removed immediately. There is no use of these notes when 80 crore+ people in our country live on a daily income of Rs.20 and never get the luxury of even seeing a Rs.500 note.

7. Educational curriculum in Bharatiya Languages – Curriculum and examinations of engineering, medical, agriculture should be made available in Bharatiya languages too and as fast as possible so that even a villager can get education properly instead of being deprived on the name of a foreign language (English) which we are using as the primary mode of education even after 64 years of independence. What a shame! We are not against English. But we must learn to respect our own languages first.

8. Ban the Land Acquisition Act – This act was brought by the British to loot us and what a shame that we still have this law and its also being used to loot the poor farmers till date who are the people providing and catering to the hunger needs of our nation. This agricultural loot needs to be stopped NOW!

9. Direct election of the Prime Minister – History has shown that indirect selection of Prime Ministers has only lead to political troubles because most of the time the PM is busy safeguarding his chair putting national interest at stake. Political instability and personal conflicts in parties lead to instability in the governance just because of this reason. So the PM should be directly elected by the people and should be directly accountable to the citizens of this country.

10. Enactment of a strong Public Service Delivery Guarantee Act – If any citizen is denied service by any govt official within a stipulated period of time then the concerned official will have to pay penalty in the form of money to the particular citizen on a daily/weekly basis. This will help to make execution of government offices faster and prevent laziness and bribery.