The Kashmir Files Movie

Vivek Agnihotri’s “The Kashmir Files” is¬†brutally an honest movie, although too gory to watch, brings you face to face with the unspoken truth of the Kashmiri Pandits.¬†
Anupam Kher delivers his entire career’s best act. His role represents all the first-generation victims who had to move cities or even countries to rebuild their lives. He represents all those who lost their near and dear ones. He represents all those Kashmiri Pandits who, when you meet today, put up a happy face, but behind every smile is a dark, unforgettable past.This movie reminds you that being human is more essential than being anything else.
Kashmiri Pandits were told to vacate their homes in 24 hours , they were forced to convert their faith, leave or die. Their battle for dignity and life itself was most difficult for them. The Kashmir Files movie makes one realise how an entire community is still fighting this battle. A battle for justice, a battle for being heard and a battle that has been over three decades long! Will justice really prevail? Will a horrible wrong done and stashed away in the annals of history, be undone? Will the community ever find true succour as an anodyne to their physical & mental anguish & scars they have been silently carrying within them, in their unexhibited quest for justice and claim what was rightfully theirs ? Only time will tell.
Krishna Bhan
Hindu Council UK