A tribute to our Co-Chair, Shri Satya Prakash Minhas


With great sadness, we mourn the passing of Satya Prakash Minhasji Co-Chairperson of the Hindu Council UK and convey our sincere condolences to his family members and loved ones. We pay tribute to his role at HCUK, remembering him as an advocate for the betterment of the Hindu community in the UK.

We commemorate his legacy as an authentic leader who humbled us with his presence during his longstanding tenure as a Co-Chairperson and a member of numerous boards of local and national faith organizations. His wealth of experience in Hindu Dharma and community-related matters also saw his appointment as the Chairperson of the Metropolitan Police Hindu Association in New Scotland Yard.

Satyaji was committed to the Hindu Dharma and the aims of HCUK. He was a compassionate and trustworthy colleague and his endeavours to share his time and experience with those he connected with was exemplary.

We will forever be grateful for his contribution. May we continue to incorporate his incredible energy and passion to do good, through our efforts- Rajnish Kashyap General Secretary HCUK

I was deeply shocked and saddened by the news that Satya ji passed away. I will always remember him as a very supportive and constructive colleague who was always ready to go to any extent for the enhancement of our Dharma and society. He was always full of positivity and encourage others to achieve their potential. His departure has created an irreplaceable loss to our community in the UK. I pray almighty grant the departure soul eternal peace- Mr Umesh Chander Sharma Co-Chairperson Hindu Council UK

Mr Satya Prakash Minhas voluntarily served the Metropolitan Police Hindu Association as an Executive Committee Member, Treasurer and Chairperson,  leading on welfare support of members. He organised Hindu faith awareness events at the Mayor’s Office of Policing and Crime and Metropolitan Police Service Buildings. He was Co-Chairperson of Diwali In London Committee for Mayor of London’s Diwali on Trafalgar Square 2015. Our prays are with Satya Ji’s loved ones at this difficult time. May the departed soul attain liberation. Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti- Varsha Mistry-MPHA Secretary & Co-Chair for Diwali in London Committee 2015

The IEKF Executive and members are profoundly saddened to learn the news of the passing away of Shri Satya Minhas, Co-Chair of HCUK and an Executive member of IEKF (Indo-European Kashmir Forum). Satyaji was a highly engaged and valued Executive member of IEKF, always ready to provide advice and perspective on any issue related to the displaced Kashmiri Hindus. He made an outstanding contribution to raising awareness of the plight of displaced Kashmiri Hindus. He will be remembered for his integrity, honesty and compassion. It was a great privilege to know Satyaji personally and work alongside him over the past few years. We send our deepest condolences to Satyaji’s family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this difficult time.

Om Shanti-Krishna Bhan  IEKF/ HCUK