HCUK urgent India Covid Appeal

The second wave of Covid19 has hit India hard and at a frightening speed resulting in a medical infrastructure unable to cope. With over 2000 deaths daily and more than 2 Million active cases, this second wave requires an immediate response.
The major bottlenecks have been medical care at hospitals due to the unavailability of beds and oxygen supply. While India is trying hard to step up oxygen supply and medical care, the demand has been unprecedented.
This is a collective fight for everyone. Every contribution no matter how big or small counts. we are liaising with Sewa UK,  Sewa International India volunteers are coordinating on the ground support for Digital Helpdesk, Awareness Campaigns, Oxygen Concentrators & Economically-hit families/communities with food provisions, medical supplies and Community Kits.
Spread the appeal message widely and give generously.
Rajnish Kashyap
Hindu Council UK