Hindu temple vandalised in Pakistan

A Hindu temple in Pakistan destroyed by a Muslim mob last week in Pakistan. Around 1,500 people led by Islamic cleric descended on the temple — in a remote village of northeast Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. They used sledgehammers to knock down walls before setting the building ablaze. This was the second time it had been demolished, following an incident in 1997 when it had been destroyed by a group of Muslim fanatics. It was renovated but always remained under threat from the extremists who destroyed it last time,” said a local resident who requested anonymity.

Pakistan has several times claimed that it safeguards the interest of minority communities in the nation but such incidents and repeated attacks on minorities there narrate a different story.  Anil Bhanot, HCUK’s Interfaith Director, would like to ask why the Prime Minister Imran Khan is persecuting the Hindu minority to the extent that the Indian Govt had to pass a Citizen Amendment Act, to give our Hindu community some easing of a resettlement hope in India? How is it that he was allowed to declare in the last UN meeting that there is no God but Allah? Such partisanship is bound to lead to attacks on non-Muslims whose God is not Allah, setting aside the interfaith interpretations of God here for practical purposes whereby surely the Pakistan Prime Minister’s ‘Allah’ surely condemns all the non-Muslim so-called Kafirs, and particularly Hindus.

HCUK condemned this act of vandalism and violence. It is indeed a shameful moment for Pakistan. It is important that the rights of the minorities are protected, and they can live and worship freely in Pakistan