“Vulnerable Faith Institutions Scheme” ~ Home Office

Apply for funding if your place of worship needs extra security to protect it from attacks on racial, religious or ideological grounds.

The Government has launched ‘Protecting Vulnerable Places of Worship Fund’. This is in response to the Finsbury Park attack and other recent attacks on faith institutions.

This fund is also available to Faith community centres, however general community centres, faith schools, educational institutions and NHS establishments (including chapels and prayer rooms) are not eligible.

Places of worship need to provide evidence that their place of worship or associated community centre is vulnerable to and/or has been victim of an attack on racial, religious or ideological grounds. This could include the place of worship being in an area where there has been a high incidence of racist and religious motivated crimes. This could be demonstrated for example through a supporting e-mail from the local police suggesting that the faith institution is vulnerable and briefly outlining the reasons for this, although this isn’t a requirement and other reasonable evidence will be accepted.

As with the Places of Worship Security Fund, places of worship will need to contribute 20% of the total costs, arrange a site assessment with the local Crime Prevention Design Advisers (CPDAs) and provide 3 original quotes for each security measure from approved security installers.

The scheme opened on 30 June 2017 and closes on 17 August 2017.



Sanjay Jagatia
Hindu Council UK (HCUK)