Umesh C Sharma JP (Co-Chair of the Hindu Council UK) attends the Ambassadors Reception at Buckingham Palace

Umesh C Sharma JP (Co-Chair of the Hindu Council UK) attends the Ambassadors Reception at Buckingham Palace held on Thursday 8th December 2016

Umesh C Sharma was selected and invited by The Lord Chamberlain on behalf of The Queen, to attend the reception and represent the Hindu Council UK and the Hindu Community. The invitation was in recognition of the valuable work that the Hindu Council UK has been engaged in especially over the last 3 years under the leadership of Umesh C Sharma.

The white tie Diplomatic Reception is the main social event of the year in London for the diplomatic community and reflects Her Majesty The Queen’s importance in terms of the UK’s international relations.

It is also the largest reception held at Buckingham Palace and more than 1,000 people from around 130 countries, including members of the British government, past Prime Ministers and the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, Embassy Staff, Ambassadors, high commissioners and their partners,  together senior figures from different faith communities, commerce, education, broadcasting and the arts all wearing brilliantly coloured and eye-catching national dress, attended the event.

The Royal Family present included Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh), Camilla (Duchess of Cornwall), Prince Charles (Prince of Wales), Prince William (Duke of Cambridge) and Catherine (Duchess of Cambridge).

“An individual who is the harmonious bridge between communities”

Quite often, people from India or any other country migrate to the UK in order to either earn wealth, name or a certain degree of status in the society; and quite often without any hesitation we convince ourselves with the age-old cliché: “life is all about the choices we make”- Yet there’s a minuscule, maybe a few, who elect to swim against the current. Umesh Chander Sharma clearly falls in the exclusive club that dreamt bigger dreams: “to reunite communities of different religions”.

For over 30 years, Umesh Sharma has been a community activist and actively involved in various leadership roles and has been instrumental in advancing the social, cultural and religious interests of the Indian and Hindu community living in the United Kingdom. Umesh Sharma’s steadfast approach, influence and participation has been key to promoting and contributing to good relations,social inclusion, community regeneration and interfaith dialogue with various different Faiths and Networks. His involvement in interfaith work has achieved a harmonious society in which different faiths continue to honour the religious and other differences between them without compromising their respective integrities through mutual understanding, bilateral talks, trust and friendship.

One of Umesh Sharma’s prime ambitions has been to promote inter-faith dialogue and inter-ethnic understanding and working with charities, voluntary and community organisations on a local, national and international level – a mission he has almost completely accomplished. His dedication to community work has resulted in increased awareness and recognition of culturally sensitivity issues among different faiths and cultures, governments and statutory authorities.

From a modest school teacher to attaining notable public positions like becoming the Mayor of Ealing, a local Councillor, Executive Committee Member of Ealing Community and Police Consultative Group and Serving Magistrate since 1992, Umesh Sharma’s journey has been one of inspiration for the generations to come. As a community worker, he is a Chair of Hindu Temple Trust (Shree Ram Mandir Southall), Co-Chairman of the Hindu Council UK and Co-Chair of the Southall Faith Forum.

After taking up the position of Chairman of the Hindu Council UK (HCUK) 3 years ago, Umesh Sharma quickly provided inspiration and leadership and established HCUK as the leading umbrella Hindu organisation known much beyond the British frontiers.

As well as providing leadership qualities, Umesh Sharma works behind the scenes to resolve conflicts, heal divisions and builds relationships of mutual trust and respect amongst different cultures and religions. He has travelled across the length and breadth of the UK to encourage local Hindu groups to develop and work together for the mutual benefit for the Hindu community and integration into society as a whole. Needless to mention, he is a tireless advocate for both the community’s interests as well as global world interest and his efforts are deserving of recognition.

Umesh Sharma’s deep knowledge of different cultures has convinced him that at the base all human beings irrespective of religious affinities are good and promotes the values of –’Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ a sanskrit phrase meaning the ‘whole world is one family’. His accomplishments of promoting harmony, understanding and empowering others to follow in their pursuit of worthwhile endeavours are a worth emulating.

Umesh C Sharma is a visionary, who tirelessly works for religious harmony, peace and solidarity.

– Hindu Council UK

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