Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Nepal Earthquake AppealHindu Council UK requests all Temples to pray for the victims of the Nepal Earthquake and support the charity relief organisations working to alleviate their sufferings.

Hundreds of thousands of people are homeless in immediate need of food, clothes and shelter. Ninety five percent of ‘old’ houses built with brick and mud but not concrete are flattened within the 10 districts epicentre, and further damaged an area of 20 districts. Gurkha district has been hit badly where reports say only two homes are still standing in that entire area.

Shri Ram Mandir Southall will be starting a Ramayana Recital this Friday with the concluding prayers to be held on Saturday 2nd May at 12pm in prayer for the victims. All donations will be collected for the Nepal Earthquake fund.

Nepal Earthquake Appeal Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Umesh Sharma the Chairman of Hindu Council UK shall be meeting the Nepal Ambassador with a Nepalese Hindu delegation to work out a programme to meet the immediate needs of relief for the victims. He said, “We are very close to the Nepalese Hindu community in the UK and our prayers are with them in this hour of sorrow.”

Contact for any information:

Hindu Council UK Interfaith Centre
Shri Ram Mandir Southall
Tel: 020 8574 5276