Merry Xmas from the Foreign Office

Merry Xmas from the Foreign Office

Merry Xmas from the Foreign OfficeThe Rt. Hon. William Hague the Foreign Secretary hosted a Xmas reception at Lancaster House today for Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Community Leaders and other leading opinion formers in Britain.

The Foreign Secretary gave a speech detailing many of the FCO’s achievements this year and gave a cue to foreign Ministers to work with Britain on human rights issues across the globe.

Anil Bhanot asked the Foreign Secretary on the progress for David Cameron’s welcomed commitment to putting pressure for an international enquiry on human rights abuses in Sri Lanka by the current Government, that the British Tamil community has been asking the Hindu Council UK to help their cause for equal rights. William Hague said yes he is in full sympathy with the Tamils and both the Prime Minister and himself pressed on Mr Rajpaska to give real power not nominal as is the case now to local councils there.

Mr Hague assured that they will be putting pressure for an independent enquiry in March 2014.

Anil Bhanot OBE
Managing Director
Hindu Council UK