Aryan Invasion Theory exhibit at the British Museum

The Hindu Council UK was informed by a visitor to the British Museum that the Museum was exhibiting someinformation about Aryans in India namely the Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT). This is now out of date and there is a debate on the authenticity of invasion theory. Out of India Theory (OIT) is now favoured by several Indologists.

 I approached BM pointing out that the information was out of date and suggested that the British Museum research team should refer to some recent works on this subject such as the writings of Dr David Frawley.

I also said that the British Museum is considered a reputable institution internationally and the Hindu Council UK on behalf of Hindu visitors from all over the world expects that the BM will display correct and updated information.

Dr Michael Willis from the British Museum has kindly sent us the following reply which is appreciated.

Click here to view the response from the British Museum.

Dr Rishi Agarwal