IEKF Press Release on the Statement of Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s Address

IEKF Press Release on the Statement of Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s Addresson 2 July,2012 in Srinagar.

5th July 2012 [UK]

The Indo-European Kashmir Forum (IEKF) is shocked and appalled aboutthe recent statement made by the Chairman of the HurriyatConference,Syed Ali Shah Geelani,in Srinagar on 2 July,2012 .In hisaddress Geelani threatened mass agitation in the Kashmir Valley ifthe Government of India does not drop its plan of rehabilitating theKashmiri Pandits in the safe zones.

Since 1989 Kashmiri Pandits have been the victims of terrorism in theState of Jammu and Kashmir. Over 3000 ,00 KPs, the original,indigenouspeople of the Kashmir Valley have been forcibly driven out of theirhomes and now Geelani tells them where they can live and where theycan not live in their own homeland 5000-year old.

Kashmiri Pandits will not allow anyone to decide their fate or setconditions for their return to their homeland.They will return tolead a life of security,dignity and honour and settle in their homeland on their own terms.

The Indo-European Kashmir Forum remains concerned over Syed Ali ShahGeelani’s statement as it promotes sectarianism and communal hatred.It strongly urges the Central and the State Governments to take aserious note of it and act now to reprimand appropriately leaderslike Geelani.

It further urges the Indian authorities to create a secure andconducive environment for the return of the KPs to their homeland.Itis the responsibility of the Prime Minister of India and the ChiefMinister of Jammu and Kashmir to protect and safeguard the homes,theland and the places of worship of the KPs. The Kashmiri Panditsshould be recognised as the most important stakeholders in anynegotiations regarding their resettlement in the Valley and should begiven adequate representation in the political and other institutionsof the Jammu and Kashmir State.

Editors Notes:- The Indo-European Kashmir Forum is the voice of thedisplaced Kashmiri Hindus in India and in the Valley.The Organizationwas founded in the late eighties with the support of the wider Indiancommunities.It continues to highlight the plight of the KashmiriHindus who have become of the victims of terrorism.The Forum alsoinvestigates violations of the human rights of the Kashmiri Hindus atthe hands of terrorist organizations.

On behalf of the Executive Members of the Indo-European Kashmir Forum.

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Krishna Bhan

President IEKF & Director of Hindu Council UK