Identity Crisis for the British Hindus?

British Hindus already have their own identity as Hindus which is unique and positive. The blanket use of the title Asian by the British media deprives Hindus of their real identity in the UK.

British Hindus do not need a media created confusing identity. Hindu identity is already thousands of years old and well established globally.

British Hindus are wary of the blanket use of the geographical term ‘Asian’ by the media which in the context of describing ethnic minorities in the UK is socially confusing and meaningless to say the least. In fact the term ‘Asian’ covers many peoples, religions and cultures from across the vast continent of Asia.

Hindus in the UK are becoming increasingly concerned about the question of identity. Considering that people of several other minority groups in the UK are already known as British “…………..”

Hindus in the UK should be known as British Hindus.

Hindus in the UK have an excellent track record in almost every walk of life. We are proud of our contributions to the UK economy. We are loyal to our chosen country. Our community relations record is excellent. We very much adhere to the principles of non-violence.

In August 2005 one of our affiliate Hindu organisations wrote to the Home Secretary and also the Leader of Opposition drawing their attention to the question of Hindu identity ……………….Nothing has changed since 2005

Letter from MP Barry Gardiner

Hindu Council UK