Kashmiri Hindus Genocide Day !!! 19 January

Kashmiri Hindus Genocide Day !!! 19 January

Kashmiri Hindus Genocide Day !!! 19 JanuaryThe Executive and the Members of the Indo -European Kashmir Forum join the various Kashmiri Hindu Organizations across the globe to observe the Kashmiri Hindu Genocide Day on 19 January.

art345-02On 19 January 2012, the 22nd anniversary of the forced exodus of over 400,000 Kashmiri Hindus from their homeland through genocidal compaign unleashed by an Islamist movement, we are reminded of the horrific experiences that the displaced Kashmiri Hindus had to undergo. Nearly 3000 innocent Kashmiri Hindu men, women and children were slaughtered and the entire Kashmiri Hindu community was uprooted from its ancestral land. Kashmiri Hindus are the original, indigenous people of the Kashmir Valley. As such, they have an inalienable right on their homeland. It is our duty to remind the world community once again about the impact of the Islamic fundamentalism and the continued acts of terrorism.

art345-03We pay homage and tributes to our brave Kashmiri Hindu men and women who lost their lives for us.We applaud their bravery and sacrifices they made for us.

Kashmiri Hindus will continue with their non-violent war until we win back our homeland.

Krishna Bhan on behalf of the Indo-European Kashmir Forum.